Our Agency Fees

Sale Price less than 120 000 € :
Package of 6000 € TTC

Sale Price less than 120 000 € :
5% TTC

Parking spaces / Garage :
2.000 € TTC 

VAT rate applicable on January 1st 2014 : 20%

Mandate FORMULA « Assistance »
You have already found your buyers ?
But you are not there or you do not live in the region?

Iimmoo Alliance offers you this option to benefit from our experience, professional support, advice and on-site monitoring.

We support and assist you throughout the entire procedure for the acquisition or sale of your main or secondary residence:
  • appointments with the notary,
  • the organization of your ‘moving over’,
  • the pre-signature counter visits
  • the intervention of diagnostic companies
  • the termination of your edf/eau/telecom subscriptions etc.

Contact us for more details & information.

Sale price less than 300,000 euros: 3,000 € including tax
Sale price over 300,000 euros: 1% including tax
« Publicité & Diffusion »

IImmoo Alliance will carry out, together with the owner / seller, the presentation of the property (photos, videos, virtual visit, description, etc.), and will ensure the publication and distribution of advertisements on many sites specialised in real estate sales as also on social media & networks .

In addition, IImmoo Alliance will manage the first contact requests with potential buyers (requests for information) and will select serious customers on behalf of the owner.

The owner/seller then takes over in order to organize the visit of the property on site. IImmoo Alliance assists and accompanies clients throughout the property acquisition and/or sale procedure until the signing of the deed of sale.

Sale price less than 300,000 euros: €3,000 including tax
Sale price over 300,000 euros: 1% including tax

Value Notice / Expertise / Estimate

A 'physical' trip for the visit of the property by one of our collaborators is necessary, in order to be able to correctly analyze and objectively judge the state of the property, the environment, the strong and weak points etc...

Writing a detailed, accurate and serious value notice requires thorough research and a comprehensive analysis of market developments. As a result, the value notices are invoiced.
Please contact us for a quote (depending on the characteristics of your property).

Notice of value: from €180 including tax

In the event that the property is put up for sale and sold by Iimmoo Alliance, this amount will be refunded to you.

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