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Advantages of online estimation
The online valuation of a house or apartment offers some advantages:
  • Speed: Online estimating tools are very fast. Homeowners can get an estimate of their property's value in a few minutes.
  • Free : Online estimating tools are usually free of charge. This allows owners to get an overall idea of the value of their property.
  • Easy to use: Online estimating tools are easy to use. Homeowners can enter their data and get an estimate in minutes.

Disadvantages of online estimation
Despite its many advantages, the online estimate also has disadvantages:
  • Lack of precision: The estimates, without intervention for a physical expertise on site, may not be very precise. Many factors can influence the price of a property and the prices of the properties can vary according to their particularities related to the characteristics such as: quality and the state of the facilities (interior & exterior), the equipment, the surface, the exposure, view, noise pollution etc...
  • Subjectivity of the evaluation: there is question of giving information concerning your own property. The 'judgement' of the condition of the property and its 'weaknesses' is often too subjective. An owner has an 'emotional' link with his own house or appartment and therefore will mostly 'overestimate' his own property by filling in the fields of the questionnaire in a non-objective way.
  • Lack of personalized advice: Online estimating tools cannot provide personalized advice. Owners must therefore use a real estate agent to obtain professional advice, especially for the sale and/or positioning of their property on the market as well as tips for showcasing their apartment or house.

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We attach particular importance into a value-study for our clients, while maintaining absolute objectivity to submit an estimate that corresponds as closely as possible to market reality.
We strive not to interfere with the commercial interest of a real-estate agent wishing to obtain a sales mandate, by submitting an estimate that "pleases" and at the price that the client "wants to hear".

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